Sublime Sunrise Alpine Lake Engagement Photos ~ Catherine & Eric

These sunrise alpine lake engagement photos feature stunning alpineglow on the mountains and a power couple – Catherine & Eric! We hiked up to Dream Lake in the dark to capture these bold & emotional photographs. 

Catherine & Eric 

This story is about Catherine & Eric, a driven couple working hard toward their dreams. 

Eric’s going through a long and grueling apprenticeship process right now that lasts a couple years. It’s stressful, unpredictable, and requires a CRAZY commute (sometimes over 2 hours each way!). 

But this doesn’t seem to have strained their relationship at all. Together they are set on the prize, the career Eric gets when he completes the apprenticeship, and the opportunities they will receive once that happens. To travel and explore living in different places!

So every day, Catherine wakes up crazy early before the sun to make coffee and breakfast for Eric before his long-ass commute. Is that dedication or what??

I loved seeing this in their relationship. I supported my partner while he was in grad school so he could accomplish his career goals, while also giving us the opportunity to live in Portugal. 

Supporting someone else in their dreams so you two can live a great life together is such a strong bond for a relationship. It’s clear these two are full of trust and confidence in each other.

You will see that in these sunrise alpine lake engagement photos.

Sunrise Alpine Lake Engagement Session at Rocky Mountain National Park 

Because of their early wake up times, Catherine & Eric were game for a sunset photoshoot. Dream Lake is stunning already, but at sunrise it is downright magical

After one mile of pretty steady hike up partially paved path, you’ll reach Dream Lake! This beautiful alpine lake is topped off with a curved mountain jutting behind. It’s really like nothing else you’ve seen. 

Dream Lake can be pretty crowded, so you definitely want to plan on doing your engagement photographs there off-hours. Choosing a weekday is best, but if you have no choice but a weekend, sunrise is the way to go. Otherwise it’s too crowded to get some privacy and safely social distancing (since you don’t want to wear masks during photos!). 

Contact me using the form below for your Dream Lake engagement session!

What to expect from your sunrise alpine lake engagement session with me:

  • 2-3 hours hours of fun romping through nature (on trail, of course!) 
  • Time to relax, chat, explore, and get to know each other in between photos (instead of squeezing all the photos in one non-stop hour)
  • Collaborative direction before & during photos so you look and feel your best 
  • A no-judgement zone where you can feel free to be your silliest and most in-love self


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