RMNP Waterfall Engagement Photos ~ Taylor & Josh

We’re getting our water fix in with these RMNP waterfall engagement photos (and we hike to a lake too)! Taylor & Josh see some of the highlights of the gorgeous Rocky Mountain National Park at the Alluvial Fan Falls and the super-dreamy Dream Lake. 

Taylor & Josh

This story is about Taylor & Josh, couple with great spirits and a deep love for each other. 

Taylor has bright infectious energy and is really outgoing! Josh is more quiet and reserved. While Josh grounds Taylor with his calm spirit, Taylor helps him get out of his shell to seek adventure and new experiences together. 

Even just in the few hours we spent together I was able to see the way they balance each other. They were both so happy and in-love, I thought they were an amazing example of when ‘opposites attract’ makes everyone better!

Waterfall and Lake Engagement Photos at Rocky Mountain National Park

Driving into the park, Taylor told me how she was in a familiar place. Though she never visited RMNP before, she grew up in Alaska, so being surrounded by big mountain peaks felt like home for her. 

All Taylor wanted was a water feature, so we immediately headed to the Alluvial Fan waterfall. Alluvial Fan is a beautiful destination for RMNP waterfall engagement photos, though it can be crowded, so aim to have your session during the week instead of the weekend.

We gave ourselves enough time to spontaneously stop at an incredible overlook with big mountain views for some pics on the way to our final destination, Dream Lake!

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Typically for Colorado, it started raining on us during the hike up to Dream Lake. Also typically, it ended pretty quickly and we had lots of time under clear skies to get some gorgeous RMNP Dream Lake engagement photos. 

Though the weather can be wonky and unpredictable in the mountains of Colorado, usually it’s just a matter of a few minutes before the storm has passed completely. We had such a good time and I can’t wait til my next session in this breathtaking national park!

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What to expect from your Rocky Mountain National Park lake engagement session with me:

  • 2-3 hours hours of fun romping through nature (on trail, of course!)
  • Time to relax, chat, explore, and get to know each other in between photos (instead of squeezing all the photos in one non-stop hour)
  • Collaborative direction before & during photos so you look and feel your best 
  • A no-judgement zone where you can feel free to be your silliest and most in-love self


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