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Did you know that picking an elopement location can be the hardest part of planning your elopement?

Here’s the problem: There are so many incredible locations, from National Parks to more off-the-beaten-path hidden gems, that narrowing down your options is really tough. 

Once you have some ideas, you then have to figure out the best season to be there, what kinds of crowds (or privacy) to expect, what kinds of permits or reservations you need, the local legal guidelines for weddings, and more.

Which means you might end up feeling super overwhelmed planning your elopement, which is supposed to be way easier than planning a traditional wedding!

Lucky for you, there’s now a solution. Let me introduce you to 5 Questions to Ask Before Choosing Your Elopement Location. This FREE guide takes you and your fiance through the entire process – from creating a vision to getting your elopement location confirmed – even if you have no idea where to begin.

You’ll find:

  • 5 questions that guide you, start to finish, through picking an elopement location so that you have confidence in your choice
  • Prompts for each question so you don’t get stuck, which means you can breeze through the planning
  • Tools you need for your research so you know where to go for information, which means you’ll be able to find a really special place for your elopement wedding

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5 Questions to Ask Before Choosing Your Elopement Location - PDF guide cover page with a photo of a young couple in wedding clothes in golden autumn. Gabby Jockers Photography.

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Couples who dare to be different are ditching the impersonal, traditional wedding for a pressure-free elopement day that is 100% about them.

As an elopement photographer, I empower couples with the guidance and confidence they need to get bold and emotional photographs that are a reflection of who they truly are.

I know how it feels to want badass photos that don’t feel contrived or awkward. And I want to let you know - I am here for YOU! I strive to create an experience inclusive of couples of all races, ages, sexual orientations, gender identities, races, ethnicities, abilities. Because when you feel able to be true to yourself, your photographs will be bold & emotional.

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