Colorado Paint Mines Engagement Photos ~ Carla & Alberto

These Paint Mines engagement photos are oh-so romantic, chill, and unique. Combine an artsy couple (Carla & Alberto) with a funky landscape to make some magic, as we did here!

Carla & Alberto

Carla & Alberto are a chill & loving couple who have lived in Colorado the past few years, though they’re originally from Venezuela.

And they are super creative! Carla is a graphic designer and Alberto is a videographer, in their free time they paint, throw pottery, make music, and dream about one day starting a business together. I definitely felt inspired by them and all the creative outlets they found to express themselves.

Though the pandemic delayed their original wedding plans, they seem content to just enjoy a life together anyways. Having lived together for a few years already, at that point a wedding starts feeling like just a formality. 

That being said, I loved how throughout the session Alberto was constantly appreciating and complimenting Carla. Just because they’ve been together for a while doesn’t mean they take each other for granted!

These two inspired me and I loved the evening we got to spend together in the epic Paint Mines in Calhan.

Paint Mines Interpretive Park in Colorado 

The Paint Mines Interpretive Park in Calhan, near Colorado Springs, is a fascinating, under-the-radar destination in Colorado with a long history. You can’t even see it from the road – you have to know it’s there and walk into it to actually see it! 

Back in the day, Native American tribes would gather clay from the area to make paints for a variety of ceramics – hence the name paint mines. Tribes that inhabited the area include Apache, Arapahoe, Cheyenne, Comanche, Kiowa, and Ute. 

Sadly, the Paint Mines suffer from a lot of erosion caused by people climbing and touching the formations. This erosion slowly destroys these epic formations, so it’s important to respect the land, it’s sacred history, and it’s future value by keeping on the designated trails. 

We had plenty of fun on the trails we found winding through the voodoos and other rock formations. It’s pretty small, so we basically went everywhere, exploring the different parts of the park and having a good time. 

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What to expect from your Calhan Paint Mines engagement session with me:

  • 2-3 hours hours of fun romping through nature (on trail, of course!)
  • Time to relax, chat, explore, and get to know each other in between photos (instead of squeezing all the photos in one non-stop hour)
  • Collaborative direction before & during photos so you look and feel your best 
  • A no-judgement zone where you can feel free to be your silliest and most in-love self


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