5 Inspiring Types of Elopement Locations

When you elope the possibilities are endless! No longer are you restricted to infrastructure limitations or opening hours. You can get married on top of a cliff, then zipline down to the jungle floor to share your uniting kiss. Or you can make your elopement a road trip that spans several days. 

It’s totally up to you! 

All the matters is that the location (or lack thereof) represents you as a couple. 

Together you can wed in a place that inspires awe and wonder. You aren’t limited by a guest list, a venue that might drop out half-way through the engagement, or any other stressors. Choose to elope, figure out a destination that feels right for you, and go from there! 

You might already have a favorite spot in mind: such as the state park where you first met, or another special location you’ve visited together. Or perhaps you want to embrace the spirit of adventure and wed in a place that neither of you have been before! 

In the Mountains

Not only do you get breathtaking views from up on a mountain, but there are usually four distinct seasons to choose from. The mountains are one of the best places to elope because it has ALL the seasonal vibes you desire!

It can be winter, with a blanket of untouched snow surrounding you. Or spring, with the sweet smell of blossoms in the air. Summer, when the sky is so clear that you can see into the next state. Or fall, in a whirlwind of whimsical colors that make everything a little more fanciful. 

A man and woman in black embracing passionately in front of dramatic, craggy mountains in the Dolomites, Italy.

The mountains are strong and immovable, much like the binding love of those who elope atop them. Depending on where you live, these kinds of weddings are totally painless! All you really need to do, other than the normal marriage paperwork, is obtain a wedding permit for that location. 

Some amazing places that might spur inspiration are the Golden Gate Canyon Park in Colorado, or the Dolomites in Italy.

By the Sea

The ocean is a fierce force on our planet! Not unlike a marriage, the sea is mysterious and daunting. The tide, however, is constant- just like the connection you have with one another. 

Who wouldn’t want to get married with the power of the sea around them? 

Coastal elopements are suuuuuuper romantic! Plus, there are so many different types of beaches and coastlines. 

A man and woman in wedding clothes silhouetted through a window of rock on the beach in California.

Take a tropical beach for instance, with the bright blue water and fluffy sand. What about the the blustery cliff sides of Cornwall? Or you could go somewhere colder and be standing amongst ice on the shoreline! There are even beaches with black sand, or bioluminescent particles that make the seaside glow at night.

If these options are oh so appealing, but don’t seem realistic, stop right there! These are totally achievable elopement locations that can come to fruition.

If you need a little more guidance, don’t be afraid to give me a call. Your first explore call is always free

Thinking internationally for your oceanside elopement location? Consider Foz do Douro, a charming suburb of Porto in Portugal. If you want to stay closer to home El Matador State Beach in Los Angeles, California, gives you rugged cliffs and coastal coves to play in.

A man and woman with foreheads together and hands tangled in front of them on the rocky beach in Porto Portugal.

In a Forest

Do you and your partner love the smell of moist moss and fallen leaves? Perhaps a forest is your dream elopement location. 

There are so many options when it comes to forest elopements! You can get cozy on a crisp fall day, rent a lovely cabin by a stream, or even find a hidden waterfall on a brisk hike. With the chattering of birds nearby, many couples choose to elope amongst the trees; during a misty morning or a shaded summer’s afternoon, protected by an intimate blanket of treetops. 

Bride and groom sitting side-by-side on a shaded boulder surrounded by aspens. A yellow sunflower bouquet sits on the bride's lap. Their noses are almost touching.

Another neat forest option is to rent a retired fire lookout tower to camp for a couple days. The views are incredible!

Some of the best places to elope are right here in the states! Give a look to the Hoh Rain Forest at Olympic National Park in Washington. Another beauty is the Blue Ridge Mountains in Georgia.

By a Lake

If you like the idea of water, but want to keep things fresh (hehe), you might consider a lake for your elopement location. Nothing beats the perfect stillness of a lake at dawn in the mountains. Lakes are hearty and provide us with sustenance, much like a good relationship. I totally get why a couple would want to tie the knot near or on a lake. 

Two women in flowy white dresses embracing during sunset in front of Horsetooth Reservoir in Colorado.

A lake is also an easy destination to wrap your elopement ceremony and honeymoon into one. If you love to sail, kayak, or paddleboard, eloping at a lake is a great way to incorporate your favorite kind of adventure into your wedding day! 

There are gorgeous lakes all around the United States, but the Horsetooth Reservoir in Colorado has always stuck out to me. If you want something a little different, take a look at Lake Garda in Italy. It’s a massive lake that’s perfect for international travelers and lovers of Italian food and wine.

In Cities or Towns

Don’t like the idea of getting bug bites or exercising to say “I do?” There are plenty of amazing urban spaces that can be used for your elopement location. If you don’t want to go far, look into the historic buildings in your own town and see what suits you best. 

Consider a beautiful medieval garden, an intricate fountain in a local park, a colorful arts district, or even just a special street in your favorite part of town.  It’s likely that some locations that first come to mind are already set up for a wedding.

If you want to get away and travel, I can help you pinpoint the perfect dreamy city! I offer location research services, and I can guide you to the perfect elopement location. Not only do I help you find the spot, but I suggest on where to stay and what to see. Keep in mind that your initial explore call with me is FREE!

Couple embracing behind a fountain at sunset in Porto, Portugal.

Eloping in a city provides you with amenities you simply don’t get in the great outdoors. If you and your partner love history, art, theatre, or music, finding the right city might be your ideal elopement location. 

You can go to a Michelin starred restaurant for your wedding dinner. Get married in front of a major landmark like the Eiffel Tower. Perhaps you want peruse a museum together, or even see a show.

Depending on the size of city you prefer, you can experience intimate small town vibes or the hustle and bustle of the metropolis. Many tiny hamlets have beautiful murals, incredible antique stores, and friendly townsfolk. While big cities boast opportunity to experience new cultures and experiences that go until all hours of the night. 

Some of my favorite urban locations are cities with ah-mazing architecture. As suggested above for an oceanside wedding, Porto also has a gorgeous cityscape with typical European maze-like streets nestled in pastel buildings, covered in hand-painted tiles that create murals and geometric prints. On the flip side, Berlin is perfect for the rebels, with its well-known nightlife and the edginess of many graffitied streets.

Choosing a unique place to elope is just the beginning of your beautiful journey together. 

Whether you want to be near civilization or in the middle of nowhere, there’s a perfect destination for you and your love. It just takes a little time.

For adventurous couples who crave a different kind of wedding experience without the stress and rush. I help craft and photograph epic, intimate, and unconventional elopements!

As your elopement photographer and guide, I’ll be here every step of the way to help you find the perfect spot. I even go out and scout locations in person for my couples!

Need more help with narrowing down the perfect location, or want to learn more about my elopement photography packages? Book a FREE explore call today. Just use the form below. It’ll be fun, I promise! 

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