Why Elope? Find Out Why Daring Couples Are Opting for an Elopement

As much as I’d like to tell you that weddings are all romance and fairytales- I can’t! 

Weddings are COMPLICATED. Between a venue, food, guests, decor, the dress, and so much more, it’s easy to get distracted from the true meaning of marriage. You end up wasting resources and emotional energy in pursuit of your “perfect” day. 

Holding yourself to the highest standards of wedding magazines and blogs is absolutely exhausting! The industry makes over 50 BILLION dollars a year. Yes, you read that correctly. Billion, not million. Each year the price of weddings gets higher, while the image of an acceptable reception gets more unrealistic. 

Traditional weddings have become unbearably expensive, remarkably performed, and downright stressful. Imagine, while trying to impress your guests you forget the most important part of your wedding day: cultivating a special ceremony of heartfelt vows. 

Weddings should be simple, beautiful, and intimate. And it is my mission! I help adventurous couples craft their epic, intimate, and unconventional elopement with authentic photography.

Have you ever had the thought: Should I elope?

Weddings should be simple, beautiful, and intimate. And this is my mission! I help adventurous couples craft their epic, intimate, and unconventional elopement with authentic photography. 

Elopements are for the couples who want to get married but want something different than a traditional wedding. They ditch the wedding rulebook and create something totally unique that embodies the intention for their marriage. And without throngs of guests, they’re able to truly focus and connect with each other

Read more to learn why others choose elopements in the elope vs wedding decision. 

A man and woman in white on the rocky beach in California. They're kissing and holding a bottle of Rose bubbly that says "Yes Way Rose" Photo by Gabby Jockers.

Focus on What Matters

We eloped because we were getting too caught up in the planning details. Where should we go? What should we wear? Who should we invite? How much time should we give them to save up for the trip? We realized we should get back to the simplicity and true purpose of a wedding — namely, us as a couple.”  – Corey and Teryn (The National Average Cost of a Wedding Is $33,931)

Eloping is better because it focuses on what matters in a marriage: Honesty, expressing oneself freely, trust, pure love, friendship, fun, and so much more! Without a slew of estranged relatives to impress, couples have the intimacy and comfort they need to make deep connections and sacred vows. 

Many couples are tired of the status quo of a noisy audience and dozens of phones in the air. This is one of the many reasons they choose to elope instead. With solitude and space to breath, couples find peace of mind, and focus on each other. 

 Ever thought about climbing to the top of a mountain and declaring your love while holding one another? What about jumping into the ocean after saying “I do” together? Whispering your vows under a moonlit sky? 

All of these things are possible when you elope.

Keep Traditions or Make Something New

Even with an elopement, you can choose to have a collection of guests and honor family. This means you get to choose a select group of individuals who will celebrate and empower your union. No negative Nancys or self centered Sallys to turn the whole day around and make it about them! 

You can elope and still have the first dance, cut the cake, do speeches, or any other cherished traditions. Have the ceremony with a handful of guests, and no reception. Or do the wedding alone, but put on a bangin’ reception later. 

Destinations beyond traditional venues empower couples to do what feels right for them! 

What does it mean to elope? Well, that’s totally up to you. 

Less Stress

“When we started planning a wedding, we quickly realized that we weren’t planning the wedding for us. We were trying to please everyone else.” – Becca and Reid (21 Couples Who Decide To Elope And Are Damn Glad They Did) 

Let’s think about this for a moment: eloping vs. wedding. When you elope, you don’t have a traditional wedding venue. Without a traditional venue, the stress lessens. Seriously.

No coordinating food. No sketchy relatives to keep an eye on. No deciding where to put the flowers. No embarrassing drunk roommate. No centerpieces for the tables. No sad ex lurking in the corner. And no micromanaging family tiffs with a well-thought-out seating chart.

When you have a traditional wedding, not only do you have to play nice with that cousin who always outshines you, but you have to PAY for everything too. And trust me, it’s expensive! A venue can easily be thousands of dollars, plus all the expenses of a reception. Booze, decorations, flowers, food, lights, music, a dance floor, a DJ, the list goes on! 

Do you feel stressed yet? Well, don’t. There are other options! Compare that venue I mentioned above to an outdoor elopement. These types of venues usually require only a permit – something that costs maaaaybe a couple hundred bucks. 

By removing yourself from the traditional wedding space, you’re also removing yourself away from the traditional wedding cost! Plus, you don’t have to deal with all the headaches that come with feeding and entertaining 100+ guests. 

If coordinating an outdoor elopement wedding sounds daunting to you, I’m always here to help! I have several location services and elopement packages to help you create your special day. Schedule a FREE explore call with me to discuss further! 

No Performance 

[Eloping] took the pressure off having a big wedding day, which neither of us wanted as we don’t like to be on show. Eloping worked perfectly for us as we could do exactly what we wanted and still have a party with friends and family when we got home to celebrate.” — Suzanne and Tafari (21 Couples Who Decide To Elope And Are Damn Glad They Did)

Another advantage of eloping is true intimacy! There are no guests waiting with bated breath, hoping your words will remind them of young love. No prying eyes or crying babies to distract from those precious moments. 

When you elope, you don’t have to worry about pleasing your family or friends with a rehearsed charade. There’s nothing to prove during an elopement! Nothing to perform.

Having more privacy can allow you to feel more open with your vows. You don’t have to censor or edit your thoughts and feelings to make your words audience friendly. It becomes two lovers exchanging promises and the sweetest sentiments. 

The pressure to be perfect is eliminated. There’s no one to please but each other.

Three images of two women in flowy white dresses together at sunset in Horsetooth Reservoir in Colorado.

Combine the Honeymoon and the Ceremony

We eloped, we escaped, away from the hustle and bustle of the city. We felt so peaceful as we wandered in the middle of nowhere, just traveling hand-in-hand. We are one.”  – Guru and Bangxi (21 Couples Who Decide To Elope And Are Damn Glad They Did)

You might still be asking yourself, should I elope? If you want to think practically, consider combining your elopement with the honeymoon. You’ll save money and create memories unlike any other wedding. Plus, you’ll both adore a place that you can go back to and create new memories. You can’t do that with a traditional wedding venue.

You can always make your elopement wedding part of an adventure! Who says you can’t get married at the top of a volcano in Hawaii and then spend the rest of the week exploring the perfect sand beaches and mysterious rainforests?


Beautiful Photography 

“[Millennials desire] detailed, customized experiences that need #nofilter on social media. They want to share every moment with those who are there and those who are not. They want over-the-top, once-in-a-lifetime, heart-and-soul-of-the-culture experiences, without the hefty price tag.” – Meagan Drillinger (Altar Alternatives: How millennials are changing destination weddings)

If you crave those gorgeously intimate and unique wedding images, an elopement might be right for you!

Elopements mean incredible destinations. Furthermore, anyone can feel like they attended a wedding simply by looking at striking photographs. Bring along an experienced photographer to capture the beauty of your special day. Then relive that day by sharing images with your friends and family afterward.  

Bride and groom standing together in front of a yellow aspen backdrop in this fall mountain wedding. Bride is holding a yellow sunflower bouquet.

Stepping away from a traditional wedding can be scary. Remember, the ceremony is about you and your love. No one else. By focusing on the true meaning of marriage and taking away the stress of a big venue, you can have the profound wedding of your dreams. 

Let your elopement wedding ideas run without abandon! 

Like the idea of elopement, but need more assistance? Learn more about my elopement packages and how I can help you create the perfect ceremony by booking a FREE explore call using the form below! 

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