How to Have a Fun Adventure Elopement!

People often assume that elopements are private and serious; that the very act of keeping a wedding private makes the couple cold and pretentious. Here’s the thing. People who elope have more fun!

People might think that elopements are private and serious; that the very act of keeping a wedding private makes the couple cold and pretentious. Here’s the thing. People who elope have more fun!

Elopements are for the couples who want to get married but want something different than a traditional wedding. They ditch the wedding rulebook and create something totally unique that embodies the intention for their marriage. And without throngs of guests, they’re free to do whatever they want!

If you crave being outside and having an adventurous experience, rather than being stuck in a stuffy, generic ballroom, you’re in the right place! This blog to show you how to elope and have fun on your wedding day!

Use Your Feet

There are so many wonderful ways to explore this planet, and elopers are often already hikers and campers. Just by taking full advantage of your surroundings, an elopement can go from a subtle affair to a full out nature party!

Consider making the hike to your breath-taking elopement destination something special. Make stops along the way to catch sight of animals, or take pictures at gorgeous viewpoints. Another neat way to make the hike memorable is to take a break and have a picnic. If you’re a little nervous about getting married (which I totally get!) you can always wait until after the ceremony to chow down.

If a short hike seems too easy, think about making your wedding a backpacking trek. Over the span of a couple of days you can create an adventure elopement and hike to some of the most remote, stunning, and quiet locations. 

Not an outdoorsy person? No problem! 

Here are just a few not-so-dirty ideas to whet your appetite: Take a walk through a beautiful city, a quaint neighborhood, or even tour a vineyard before a private wine-tasting. There’s so much to see and experience just by putting one foot in front of the other, and I can help you find the perfect activity for your elopement. 

Ride Away

If you have a disability or just don’t want to be on your feet all day, there are a plethora of amazing ways to elope! Humans have invented some pretty rad ways to get around, and I’ve put together some cool elopement ideas below.

Off-roading is always a good option! Take a jeep out and splash through some mud, or scale a rocky terrain in a couple of quads. Getting four wheels underneath you can be a bucket of excitement! If you want to err on the side of caution, or find some of the best hidden spots, you can hire a local guide to lead you. 

Even your regular old car can be used for a road-trip elopement! Spend your wedding day on a purely scenic drive, or make way toward a special camping spot. You can explore national parks, quirky landmarks, partake at local eateries, or stop anywhere else at your leisure! 

Riding horses or other types of domestic animals can be a great way to celebrate your adventure elopement together! Maybe a have a race, or you can just saunter through the forest or along a tropical coastline. 

Whatever Floats Your Boat

Going downriver in a kayak or canoe can either be relaxing or a work out. You can also plan to paddle to a secluded island or peninsula, for a more intimate and private elopement wedding. Ooo! When you plan your elopement activities, it’s totally up to you how much you want to do on this special day. 

If you love the sea, why not scuba dive or snorkel? If you’re somewhere tropical for your elopement, you do not want to miss out on crystal clear waters and vibrant underwater life!

There’s tons of fun to be had on the shore as well!

Another way to float, is through the sky! Try a hot air balloon, or maybe a helicopter. Traveling by air can allow you to access wonderful elopement locations that you simply can’t reach by car or foot. Get to the very top of a mountain, or peer out at the endless horizon of the ocean while in the clouds. 

The air-tastic destinations are endless! Imagine flying above the world together as a newlywed couple. Romantic, right?

Not sure any of these activities really fit you? Think about what you’ve always been obsessed with. What activities would make your elopement one of the best days of your life?

Can’t think of anything? I can help with that! Working with couples on designing their elopement wedding is my specialty. Read on to get some more pointers. Then, let’s connect! 

Jump In

If you’ve read this far and you’re still yawning- just wait! Making the big jump into marriage can be scary, so try getting some adrenaline flowing by literally jumping. Before we continue, know that I am only advocating for these elopement activities if done with professionals. Don’t get too crazy! 

Bungy jump off a cliff or a bridge together. Make your elopement adventurous and fun by doing something out of your comfort zone. Create an activity that will challenge you as an individual and/or as a couple.This will make your wedding day all the more memorable. Remember, these jumps are super safe!

If you’re a real adrenaline junkie, try skydiving. I hear that it’s actually relaxing once you’ve made the plunge. It might be a great way to bond as a newlywed couple! At the very least, it’ll be a good story to tell your friends and family.

Ziplining is also a blast, and it will get your heart pumping! Plus, it’s way less scary than jumping out of a plane. 

Try Something New

Getting out there and exploring the world together is priceless! Try doing something you’ve never done together for your elopement. It will make your wedding super unique and special. 

Fun elopement ideas are pretty simple! Come up with some activities you both like to do, and coordinate them with your elopement location. When you design your elopement, you have the ultimate freedom to create activities that feel true to you as a couple. 

Here are some more elopement ideas: Exploring ice caves, soaking in wild hot springs, camping under the Northern Lights, indulging in local delicacies, spa treatments, or even just enjoying a private catered dinner at your Airbnb.

Remember, there are no rules to an elopement! 

Actually can I add one rule? Just have fun and do something that inspires you!

A man and woman in bridal clothes in a passionate embrace at dusk with the full moon.

Like some of these ideas, but want more guidance? I help adventurous couples craft their epic, intimate, and unconventional elopement with authentic photography! 

Learn more about how I can help you by booking a FREE call today using the form below! 

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