Dreamy Coastal Vibes – California Beach Elopement

During this California beach elopement inspirational session, we played and splashed and connected with our joy and love for fun. Jess & David, who previously eloped at city hall, finally had the chance to memorialize that with this fun elopement photoshoot! 

Even though I’m based by the mountains of Colorado, I LOVE to travel and capture the love between couples all around the world. The ocean has a special place in my heart, so this California beach elopement was a dream come true. 

Jess & David

This story is about Jess & David, a wildly fun couple living in LA for the past who-knows-how-many years. 

I’ve actually known Jess & David for many years, since our college eras! One thing I’ve always loved about these two is how they are the life of the party. Whether you’re hanging with a few friends or out at a music festival with 50k of your closest friends, they will bring energy and a playful spirit to the gathering. 

Even outside of fun times, they are truly wonderful people to know. They care about other people. They are those types of people who always have open doors and open hearts to folks they encounter, whether long-time friends or total strangers. These are the type of people that you may end up sitting next to on a flight and by the end of the flight you feel like you may have just met your new bffs. 

Jess & David had been together for a while by the time they moved to LA and by the time they got engaged, it was a no-brainer. They started going through the motions of wedding planning and found it so stressful that it detracted from what was important to them – their relationship and their marriage. So they decided to elope! They decided to go to the courthouse and get married because it was the least distracting, most authentic was to start their marriage. 

I’m a firm believer in choosing elopements and that these two did it for the right reasons. But as someone who eloped myself and wanted them to have something to remember it by, I reached out about getting some elopement photos done. They loved the idea! 

El Matador State Beach

Our gorgeous backdrop for Jess & David’s elopement photos was El Matador State Park in Malibu. I’ve always dreamed of the rugged and breathtaking California coast and this beach has been one of their favorite spots to enjoy and bring visitors to enjoy it. 

This Southern California beach is a dream – at sunset the entire beach is bathed in sublime golden light that highlights the unique rock formations and cliffs bordering the ocean.

At sunset there were plenty of other beachgoers enjoying the same views and vibe as us. If you want more privacy and solitude, I’d definitely recommend checking out sunrise at this breathtaking beach!

The permit process was a little tricky to navigate, so if this location is on your bucket list and you need help with getting all the logistics right to have your couples photography session or elopement here, just reach out! I’d be thrilled to help. 

Our Adventure

Our session started with changing in the parking lot! As their photographer and the only other person with them, I helped Jess get into her dress and made sure the both of them looked at the top of their game before they started! 

I love these casual, intimate moments where I get to be part of my couples’ journeys in more ways than just a photographer. 

Once we descended down to the beach, we found a nice spot by the cliffs to warm up and start taking photos. 

It’s really important that my couples understand that photography is all about them. I’m here to guide and enable your experience, but ultimately you two are the most important part of any work we do together. 

I want to get to know you and what makes you tick so I can understand your relationship. This helps me work with you to bring out what makes your relationship special. Every couple is unique and has something that noone else has. 

So I start out every session with some time to just be together. No cameras, no judgement, just the couples connecting with each other. This connection is what sets the tone for our time together. 

After Jess & David has their time to connect and get in sync with each other, we started having fun! 

The beach and the ocean is such a fun place to play. We explored the sandy cliff bottoms, the rocks out on the ocean, got chased by the waves, and took in a gorgeous sunset that lit up the sky in the softest colors you can think of.  

I cannot wait until my next opportunity to work with a couple by the sea. It’s such a powerful place that stuns you with it’s power and invites you to partake in your own passion and creativity. 

A California beach elopement is the perfect choice for couples who feel a connection with the ocean and want to memorialize that in the moment they connect with each other in marriage. Reach out to learn more about my California beach elopement packages! If you just want to play with your partner and capture those memories, let’s talk about your California beach couples session! 

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