Coronavirus Quarantine: 39+ Stay at Home Date Ideas!

Now, I usually focus on the great outdoors around here. But today, in light of our new reality of #staythefuckhome, I’m sharing some ideas for at home date nights! I’m a homebody as much as I am an adventurer, plus one of my love languages is quality time, so I’ve got some experience in creating quality time at home with my partner. 

Lockdowns, shelter-in-place, and stay-at-home orders are happening across states and countries, and it looks like we might be doing this social distancing thing for a while. 

That means you and your partner will be spending a LOT of time together this year. Lawyers are already expecting a rise in divorces from the coronavirus quarantine.  

But what if instead the coronavirus quarantine helped you strengthen your relationship? That’s what happened to some couples aboard one of the quarantined cruise ships

This is a great time to focus on deepening your connection with your partner. Consider having some offline nights with no phone or TV. Make space for connection without distractions. 

Check out the list below for fun, cheap, romantic, and fulfilling at home date ideas to do just that!

Note: Though there are (affiliate) links for products here you can buy online, I encourage all readers to think creatively about dates ideas you can do with the supplies you have on-hand. 

The list is long, so there will definitely be ideas for at home date nights you can do without leaving home. Plan ahead to grab ingredients for the cooking dates on your next grocery run! 

What’s your favorite at home date night? Do you have new ideas I should add to the list?

Listen to Music 

1. Watch a Concert

Though live music is sadly gone for a while, we can still enjoy recordings! NPR’s Tiny Desk Concert Series is always a good time. Cercle features mostly electronic music artists in jaw-dropping locations. You can also search online for live show recordings by your favorite artists.

There are lots of artists out there that still want to play live music for people and are making it happen virtually. For example, Rocky Mountain Virtual Music Festival is live streaming from artists’ homes every Friday during the coronavirus outbreak for free!

Vulture, Billboard, and NPR are keeping updated lists of live and recorded streaming shows.

If you two bond over a love of music, you’ll love this indoor date idea.

2. Discover New Music on Spotify

If you normally have TV playing in the background while you’re hanging out or cooking, try music instead. Spotify has some really great playlists you can explore around different genres, vibes, era, etc.

Find the soundtrack of your next date night at home! 

3. Listen to Old Records

If you have a record player that’s been collecting dust, now’s the time to use that for a romantic date night! Spend a leisurely evening together working through some of your favorite records.

Have a Game Night

4. Play Some Board Game and Card Games

A classic and low-tech way to have fun and stay entertained! With games, you can have a ton of really fun and cheap date nights at home. 

Most people have at least a deck of cards and a board game or two or home. Adapt some 4-player games to 2-player games by each of you playing two roles. 

Card Games for Two:

Board Games for Two: 

5. Play Video Games

Set up a multi-week video game tournament to keep busy for a while. Or make your way together through an entire game, from start to finish!

Learn a Skill Together

6. Try an Online Class 

Skillshare, Masterclass, and Udemy are all great platforms with a ton of classes that can appeal to anyone. There are longer classes with certifications and short, 15-minute lessons on single topics. From cooking, to art, to business, to psychology, and more!

7. Learn Massage on Each Other

Have you ever wanted to learn massage, or even just get a massage at home? Now’s a great time to learn and practice on each other! 

Skillshare has a number of different massage classes. Udemy has a class on thai massage, which is a great modality to try at home. No massage table or oil needed. 

8. Learn How to Bake

You will not regret learning to bake. Whether you’re making sweet treats or hearty breads, baking is really not as hard as it may seem! 

Let me tell you, nothing quite compares to a freshly baked loaf of bread or cookies right out of the oven. Baking is one of my favorite indoor dating ideas. 

Here are some resources to get you started:

9. Learn How to Cook

This is a big one. Without being able to go to restaurants all the time, lots of people are going to start looking to cook at home. 

Why learn how to cook together? Cooking a delicious meal together is one of my favorite dates. 

Work through one of those cookbooks collecting dust on a shelf or check out one of the online courses, tutorials, and recipes below. 

10. Learn a Language

Have you ever wanted to learn another language? Learn a new language with your partner and have a built-in practice buddy! 

Set aside one evening a week where you can only speak your target language to each other. If you have the means, you can hire a language tutor to teach you two virtually.

You can also check out language-learning programs like Rosetta Stone, Pimsleur, Duolingo, and Fluent Forever

Cook Something

11. Make a Gourmet Meal

Instead of the usual dinner, spend one night going all out. 

Create a 3 course dinner with some of your favorite foods. Have a cheese board. Bake a fancy dessert. 

Break open that bottle you’ve been saving for a special occasion. 

Light the room with candles and set the table nicely. This is one of the most romantic at home date night ideas.

12. Chopped Competition: “Emergency Rations” Edition

It’s been two weeks since your last grocery store trip and all that’s left in your pantry is a couple cans of beans, some grains, and a can of spam. Do you even eat spam?

Challenge your skills and have some fun with a cooking competition!

The two of you will compete to see who can make the most delicious food out of the pantry leftovers…and there’s a timer! This is going to be one of the most competitive ideas for at home date night!

13. Meal Prep for the Week

I love meal prepping with my partner. It’s a fun time to just hang out together for a while cooking yummy lunches for the week. It saves us a lot of time and wondering “what am I gonna eat today?” during the week as well. 

We’re making a ton of food so there’s a lot more work. You’re making a bunch, around 6-10 servings, of the same food. So you need recipes that scale well. Here are some ideas:

Refresh Your Space

14. Rearrange One Room in an Afternoon

This is a fun exercise to shake up the dynamic of your living space. 

Take one afternoon to completely change a single room in your home. Move the furniture to a new positions. Get rid of stuff, swap things out from other rooms, or any other changes you think suit the new layout. No painting! 

Remember, this should be possible to do in a day, max. What do you already have that you can use? You could just swap your couch around to another wall and then set up a new gallery wall from pieces already in your home.

Spring is a great time to refresh a room in your home.

15. Tackle a Repair Project Together

Hey, remember that broken drawer that’s been driving you crazy for a year? Why not tackle it together, just to have something to do?

You don’t have to love repair projects, but life is easier after they’re done. And at least having your best friend by your side makes them more fun. 😉

It’s also a good time to put up any last boxes of decorations you have laying around!

Connect on a Deeper Level

16. Vision Boarding 

Take advantage of this time between the two of you to dig deeper. Set up a date to have a drink and talk about what you two want out of life. 

Where do you see yourself in 3 years, 5 years, 10 years? What do you two want out of your relationship? What are your values in life and how do you want your life to express that?

Talk about how you can offer support to one another to achieve your goals. Talk with and empower each other about the future. Be vulnerable. Get on board with a shared vision for your future together. 

This kind of exercise can really strengthen your bond and motivate you two to strive for shared success!

17. Learn Each Other’s Love Language

The 5 Love Languages is an interesting system to define the specific ways in which different people give and receive love. The 5 love languages are Words of Affirmation, Acts of Service, Gifts, Quality Time, and Physical Touch. 

The idea is that when you can learn each other’s language, you can make communicating your love to one another clearer. 

You can learn each other’s love languages by taking the quiz online or reading the book. I find this to be such a romantic at home date night idea!

Have Some Fun

18. Have a Themed Movie Marathon

This is an easy at home date night idea for when you just want to cozy up on the couch all day. 

Pick a theme, like zombie movies, the Harry Potter series, the Lord of the Ring Series, stoner comedies, etc. 

Order takeout for minimal marathon interruption. You can support local restaurants by ordering from them directly (instead of using apps like UberEats). If you can, help out the delivery worker with a big tip!

19. Host a Scavenger Hunt

Create a series of clues (or use a list like these ones) pointing to different hiding spots around the house. Hide treats, love notes, and dares for each other to find!

20. Do a Puzzle Together

Doing a puzzle can definitely be quiet & meditative. It can also be a great way to keep conversation flowing between the two of you. Either way, puzzles win for a relaxing date idea.

 Plus, there’s a ton of different kind of puzzles! Jigsaw puzzles, crosswords, math puzzles, logic puzzles, and more.

21. Set Up an Indoor Picnic

The weather’s getting warmer and picnic season is upon us! You two might not be able to have a romantic picnic outside, but you can bring the picnic inside. 

Lay a blanket, picnic food, and some drinks on the floor. Open all the windows to get some fresh air and plan this date night at home for a time when the light will be filling your room. 

22. Camp in the Backyard (or Balcony, or Living Room)

Are you missing camping already? If you have a backyard, why not camp there? Sleep under the stars for the night. If you have an apartment, you can still have fun setting up a camping tent on the balcony or living room.

Snuggle inside your tent and tell scary stories when it gets dark! 

23. Foster or Adopt a Pet

Puppy training is pretty time consuming, but can be so rewarding! If you’re ready to commit as a couple, consider getting a puppy from a shelter to raise and trail together. There are a bunch of dog training programs online. 

Shelters around the US are looking for people to adopt or foster dogs, cats, and other pets. Many shelters are having to close down because of COVID-19. This is a great time to give an animal in need a home. You two can bond over walking the dog or trying to get the cat to like you. 

Have Some Boozy Fun

24. Host a Cocktail Dress-Up Party

Just because you’re at home all the time doesn’t mean you can’t dress up! Get your favorite fancy digs out from the closet and enjoy craft cocktails you made together.  

This is one of my favorite romantic date nights at home for those couples who just love dressing up and going out.

25. Liquor Tastings

Do you have a few different whiskeys or tequilas? Gifts perhaps? 

Raid your liquor cabinet for this date night at home. Take stock to see what you have of the same type to compare. 

Pour and sample. Make a date of comparing notes and impressions. What were your favorites and why?

26. Become Sommeliers for a Night

Next trip to the liquor store, pick up a few different bottles of wine. Pick a theme – maybe all reds, all French wines, all fortified wines, etc. 

Taste each of them to see if you can train your palette to distinguish the subtleties. Use a wine tasting guide if you’re new at this. 

27. Have a Paint Nite

If you have some basic painting supplies on hand, you can have a paint nite. Find a painting you like online to copy on your own canvases!

Crack open a bottle of wine and see who has better artistic skills. This is a really fun date night at home!

Have Some R-Rated Fun

28. Act Out a Fantasy

Might as well use all this time cooped up inside to work on your sex life!

Set up a date night to play out one of your fantasies. Make sure to talk it through beforehand to make sure you are both in agreement about boundaries. 

29. Play a Sexy Game

If going straight to a fantasy is too much, how about a game? Check out this list of 30 Fun Sex Games for Couples to try during your next date night at home.

30. Fill Out Your Yes-No-Maybe Lists

Have you two ever completed a yes-no-maybe list? If not, plan this date night asap! It’s a great way to spice up the bedroom with new stuff you may be too shy to bring up otherwise. 

The yes-no-maybe list is a list of different sex acts. You and your partner fill it out separately and compare your answers. Everything that you both answered “Yes” to is something you both want to do, so pick one of those to do right away.

31. Do a Challenge Together

Challenges are popular, for a reason! They’re fun and work really well to jerk us out of our typical routine. And a great way to get new romantic at home date night ideas.

Find a challenge you two can do together focused on improving your sex life and relationship, like the ones offered by The Sexologist.

Staying Healthy Together

32. Couch to 5k

This popular app takes you from being winded after 5 quick steps to running 5k in a matter of weeks. The program paces you to increase your distance and speed gradually, taking all the guesswork out of starting to run without injuring your body. 

This is a great way to build healthy fitness habits together and get regular fresh air during the coronavirus quarantine! Plus you’ll bond over the soreness.

33. Practice Mindfulness and Meditate Together

If you’re looking for mental strength instead, you two can start meditating together. Apps like the Calm app and Insight Time make it easy to start meditating with a ton of options for guided meditations. 

34. Take Virtual Yoga & Fitness Classes

Want yet another way to make your partner your new gym buddy? Find a yoga class or a fitness class that you can do virtually. 

Lots of gyms and studios, as well as independent teachers, are moving much of their programming online. 

Check the websites and social media accounts of your local gyms, yoga studios, and your favorite movement teachers. There are even online classes for handstand training and acro yoga! 

Train a physical skill together and be each other’s coach and cheerleader!

35. Do Fitness Challenges 

Yea I know, I like challenges! Fitness challenges tend to be short, but intense. I think they’re a great way to break up a dragging afternoon with a burst of endorphins you’ll share!

You can find challenge plans on Pinterest by searching the type of exercise you want to do. 

36. Take a Walk or Hike

If you live right next to public lands and they happen to be open during the coronavirus quarantine, you might be able to take a hike together!

Check out the post I made on Hiking Responsibly During the Coronavirus Outbreak. Key takeaway: Stay Local. Stay in your city, town, county. Don’t travel to places to hike or take trips. Leave if it’s crowded.  

Or just take a late night stroll through your neighborhood hand-in-hand when there’s no one else out.  

37. Plant a Garden

With spring coming, this is a great time to get started with a garden. You may not have the supplies to build a whole vegetable garden, but what about planting two seed packets or propagating a plant you already have?

38. Have a Spa Day

Time to make some magic! You don’t need much to create a spa-like atmosphere at home.

First, set the scene. Find any candles, incense, or essential oils you have to make the air smell good. Candles are also good for soft, romantic lighting, but if you don’t have candles you can use smaller lamps or a dimmer. 

Time to use those sheet masks you have laying around! Take a bath/shower together and then trade massages. This is one of the easiest at home date night ideas, you really don’t need many supplies!

Date Yourself 

39. Regular Solo Time

Sometimes, the best thing you can do for your relationship is spend time apart. 

Pick a day where each of you shuts yourself away in a room to just be alone. This is a great chance to pamper yourself, whatever that looks like.

Work on a solo hobby that you are excited about and can do on your own. Take solo walks around the neighborhood. 

So don’t forget to carve out your own space to keep yourself well. Spending 100% of your time with another person can get overwhelming! 

40. Don’t Forget Self-Care

Make sure to set regular time on your schedule to check-in with yourself. What do you need? Do you need a quiet space daily to destress? What about a weekly self-manicure or at-home spa session? Do you need to talk to a therapist via video chat or text?

Prioritize practices that bring you peace and comfort. Practice self-care to make sure you can show up fully to life, even during these trying times in life!

Your At Home Date Idea…


What’s your favorite at home date night? Do you have new ideas I should add to the list?

Tips for Indoor Dating Ideas, Social Distancing Style

  • Be open to trying things that may feel challenging, or silly, or weird. 
  • Communicate often and honestly with your partner about how you’re adapting. 
  • Work with what you’ve got around the house. 
  • Plan ahead to buy groceries you need for cooking dates.

What’s your favorite at home date night? Do you have new ideas I should add to the list?

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