Living & Exploring in Denver, Colorado

You’re fun, real, and wild. There’s no reason your photos should be any different. 

You want something unique and authentic. I'm here for you. 

I photograph passionate couples on a wild adventure. I create an experience where you can feel safe and comfortable to truly be yourselves, together, the whole time. I give you space to breathe and be with each other. And I give you guidance when you need it. 

It’s important to me to connect with every couple I work with. We create these magical, intimate moments when the good vibes are buzzing. This is when we can be silly, weird, relaxed, and maybe a little bit derp. I mean, why not do piggybacks in a wedding dress or figure out who says their vows first with rock-paper-scissors? You do you, boo.

Let’s find the places that you two love, that light you up. On the top of a mountain, a hidden cove beach, or the romantic alleyways of an ancient city. Let’s experience the wonder of discovering new places together or revisit the old favorites that have a special place in your hearts.

I think there is so much more to a photographer than creating beautiful photos. So many talented photographers out there do that. What I believe in is connecting to each other and this awe-inspiring planet we live on to create beautiful photos that have meaning behind them.

For the brave ones who define their own destinies.

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random Facts About Me...

I’m a total night owl. The only times I’ll wake up before 9am are when I have to catch a flight or a sunrise. 

I speak English, Spanish, and Portuguese. Though I have a funny accent from learning parts of them in different countries!



I eloped...and didn’t tell my parents for 3 months because I was scared about their reactions.

Guess what?
They were happy once they met my partner and saw us together ;)   #noregrets

Just Elope

I’ve been rocking fanny packs since way before it was cool. Even my camera bag is a hip bag!

Please don’t ask me to tell jokes, I am un-belize-ably bad at them (you see??)

"Hip Bags"

Bad jokes

I’ve been drawn to adventure, travel, and the unknown since forever. My college choice was made because the scholarship they offered me covered study abroad. Once I started, I could not stop!

I’m a firm believer in trusting my instincts and forging my own path ahead. All my big decisions are made on intuition. From my decision to elope 9 years ago (I “proposed,” two weeks later we were married, long story!) to taking a solo roadtrip through Nevada and Utah made possible through the generosity of a stranger I had spontaneously hosted on Couchsurfing the year before. 

One of my favorite parts of the adventure comes before I even step outside of my home. The research! The logistics! The planning! This stuff is my jam. I cannot get enough of digging through the depths of the internet to find the most interesting underrated hikes, the most breathtaking viewpoints, and the cutest places to stay.

And I can't really introduce myself without mentioning how music is part of my soul. I spend lots of time at shows, concerts, and music festivals. But I'm also horrible at picking a single favorite of anything, so if you ask me my favorite artist you'll get a different answer every time based on what I listed to recently, my mood, etc. ;)

I was surprised at how much I enjoyed the photoshoot and was thrilled with the pictures. I like them because we look super happy in them and I think they wouldn't come out this way if the atmosphere wasn't as good. I have never done anything similar in my life so I can not compare, but for a few days after I got the photos I was going through them over and over...
-Monika & Kristina

Gabby is FANTASTIC! She has such vibrant, fun energy and you'll feel immediately comfortable with her. I was afraid I'd feel awkward, vulnerable, or embarrassed, but instead Gabby made me feel immediately at ease and beautiful. I could be myself and not worry about how the images would turn out. I loved the playfulness and creativity that Gabby encouraged! Gabby provided just the right amount of direction and structure that allowed me the freedom to be myself and flow with it. I LOVE these photos and I'm so grateful for Gabby's brilliant work!

It actually was a lot of fun and we didn't really expect it to be :-). The photos came out very beautiful.
-Johanna & Flo

We felt like the final pictures were a true encapsulation of who we are as a couple and Gabby did an amazing job of facilitating and capturing that. Gabby did a great job of creating a safe space for us to work and encouraged us in a way that was helpful, but that still allowed us to make many of our own choices. She did a great job of working with the scenery and incorporating it into the photos. We loved the final results. Overall, would highly recommend!
-Liz & Naz

Whether you're comparing photographers or just want to learn more about what eloping can mean for you, I'd love to invite you to reach out with the form below to start a conversation. I'm here to help you.

I proudly serve people of all ages, sexual orientations, gender identities, races, ethnicities, abilities. I'm based in Denver, Colorado and travel for destination elopements! Tambem falo português y hablo español.

If you just have a quick question, you can email me at or call/text at (720) 600-4581‬.

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