Elopement photography for couples who dare to be different. 

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Creating Bold & Emotional Photographs That Are A True Reflection Of Who You Are. 

Based in Colorado.

Boring, impersonal wedding photos that don’t feel special
● A wedding day that zips by so fast you can’t even remember it
● All the stress, pressure, expense, and obligations of a traditional wedding
● To feel like you’re performing to please everyone else
● To lose sight of the true meaning of your wedding day

If you’re here, you probably don’t want:

Couples who dare to be different are ditching the impersonal, traditional wedding for a pressure-free elopement day that is 100% about them. As an elopement photographer, I empower couples with the guidance and confidence they need to get bold & emotional photographs that are a reflection of who they truly are.

Just Think...

Imagine the day you get married to the love of your life.

Do you want to be relieved that it’s finally over?
Dealing with the pressures of opinionated family members and stifling traditions, the stress and expense of a huge party, and the dilution of the meaning of your wedding day - to celebrate your love and commitment to each other. 


Do you want to feel inspired, relaxed, and deeply connected? 
In the outdoors where you feel most alive, in an intimate setting that allows you two to express your love free from expectations, and with a photographer who collaborates with you and creates a safe space so you can get photographs that reflect how you felt on this day. 

Elopements are an alternative to traditional weddings where 100% of the focus of the day is on you and your partner. Whether that’s just you two or you bring along a few of your favorite people on your adventure.

You have permission to be creative and let your wedding day celebrate who you are together. If you’re anything like me, that means you’d wayyy rather be outside enjoying the fresh air and getting a little dirty than be in a stuffy chapel!

And you’ll want a photographer for elopement memories you’ll remember this day by forever!

I care about helping couples break free from expectations to craft an elopement wedding day and elopement photography that feels true to their personalities.

Why Choose an Elopement Wedding?

David & Jess

"My wife and I decided to abandon the traditional wedding process and to elope. But we also knew that we wanted a special, memorable experience and a way to remember it. Working with Gabby was such a great experience for us. Gabby had knowledge, experience, and confidence that made us feel comfortable following her lead. 

Gabby had a plan not just for the photography, but a plan to help put us in the right mind set that would naturally produce better photos. I appreciated her clear communication in planning and overall positive attitude along the way. The final product left us speechless. I couldn't be happier and would strongly recommend working with her."

Personalized location & timeline recommendations to save you time & effort creating the best plan for your elopement day.
Encouragement & resources to help you boldly pursue a Colorado elopement that’s in line with your personalities. 
Collaborative guidance during portrait time so you can feel at ease & look great in your photographs.
Heirloom albums & stunning wall art for a tangible reminder of your day that you can share with friends, family, and future generations. 

What You Get When I'm Your Adventure Elopement Photographer

About Me

Couples who dare to be different are ditching the impersonal, traditional wedding for a pressure-free elopement day that is 100% about them.

As an elopement photographer, I empower couples with the guidance and confidence they need to get bold and emotional photographs that are a reflection of who they truly are.

I know how it feels to want badass photos that don’t feel contrived or awkward. And I want to let you know - I am here for YOU! I’m all about creating a space where you feel comfortable to be yourselves and express yourselves for genuine photos.

If you love finding freedom in your life and seek out adventures (I like hiking and books!) I think we’ll get along. But let’s chat to confirm that!

Get to Know Me

Lisa & Matt

"Gabby completely exceeded our expectations. From start to finish - Gabby made us feel so comfortable in front of the camera, and it shows in the the pictures! The photos turned out stunning!!!!! I loved how open-minded she was about the entire experience! She let us be silly when we wanted to be silly, found the most stunning backdrops to capture the images, and was incredibly patient from start to finish. We loved how Gabby was both present when we needed "coaching" but stepped away so we could be authentic with each other. We will cherish the memories and images for the rest of our lives."

1. Book Your Free Consultation ~ Let’s see if we are a good fit to work together.
2. Book Your Elopement Photographer ~ Sign a service agreement & put down a retainer to get your date on the calendar.
3. Plan Your Elopement ~ I’ll help you with custom location & timeline assistance, among other things.
4. Elopement Day! ~ Have the BEST DAMN DAY OF YOUR LIFE with your best friend/partner-in-crime!
5. Receive Your Final Photos, Wall Art, and Album ~ You’ll hold the memory of this day in your hands. 

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5 Steps to LOVING Your Elopement Photography 

Elopement Resources

Picking Your Elopement Location

Why Couples Choose to Elope

Check out the guides below and the Resources section of my site to get helpful info as you begin your elopement journey!

Colorado elopement photography packages starting at $2100. Other destinations starting at $3100.

Adventurous couples photo sessions (like engagement photos) starting at $457.

Contact Me for a quote. 

Elopement Photography Pricing

Liz & Naz

"We were thoroughly thrilled with the results of our shoot. We felt like the final pictures were a true encapsulation of who we are as a couple and Gabby did an amazing job of facilitating and capturing that. She did a great job of creating a safe space for us to work and encouraged us in a way that was helpful, but that still allowed us to make many of our own choices. Gabby's willingness to photograph in spaces that were special to us was our favorite part of the shoot. She did a great job of working with the scenery and incorporating it into the photos. We loved the final results. Overall, would highly recommend!"

On such an intimate day as your elopement wedding day, it’s important to feel good vibes & trust with your elopement photographer. That’s why I have a phone call with every couple before we make the decision to work together.

I serve everyone - people of all ages, sexual orientations, gender identities, races, ethnicities, abilities. I'm based in Denver, Colorado and travel for destination elopements! Tambem falo português y hablo español.

If you just have a quick question, you can email me at info@gabbyjockers.com or call/text at (720) 600-4581‬.

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